Lunch menu

from 6/12 to 16/12/2022


  • Miso soup F 4.50

    with vegetables and tofu

  • Vegi dimsum A/D/E/F/N 10.00

    with peanut sauce, salad

  • Beef dimsum A/D/E/F/N 10.00

    with peanut sauce, salad

  • Marinated tuna cubes D/F/N 12.00

    in lime and ginger dressing, salad

  • Spicy beef salad F/N 13.00

    with avocado, papaya, herbs and rice

  • Spicy beef salad, small F/N 7.00

    without rice


Bibimbap with mixed vegetables, rice or rice noodles, small soup

  • + tofu F 12.00
  • + spicy tuna (well-done) D/F/N 13.00
  • + briefly fried tuna steak D/F/N 17.00
  • + bulgogi F/N 13.00
  • + fried egg (organic eggs) C/F/N 12.00
  • Miso ramen F/N 12.00

    with bulgogi and vegetables

Daily Dish

Kims Lunch Menu

Please pre-order and reserve.

  • TUE: Korean roast pork F/N 12.00

    (organic) with stir-fried vegetables and rice noodles

  • WED: Thai basil ginger risotto A/G/H 12.00

    with parmesan and fried shrimp

  • THU: Bulgogi patties F/G/N 10.00

    with loco moco sauce and mashed potatoes

  • FRI: Fried sea bass D/N/F 12.00

    with pak choi rice

  • Tasting Menu, 3-course 35.00
  • Wine accompaniment, 3-course 18.00
  • Tasting Menu, 5-course 50.00
  • Wine accompaniment, 5-course 30.00

Information about allergies according to codex recommendations: A: Gluten containing cereals, B: Crustaceans, Shellfish, C: Egg, D: Fish, E: Peanut, F: Soy, G: Milk or lactose, H: Nuts, L: Celery, M: Mustard, N: Sesame, O: Sulfates, P: Lupines, R: Mollusks